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Commercial Hydrogen is in the business of Cutting Fleet Costs and Increasing Profits for Big Engines:


The Performance Demonstration

Performance Demonstrations are conducted for each fleet as part of the due diligence process prior to outfitting a fleet. We realize that the claims of double digit fuel savings is a Paradigm shift and difficult for even some of the most hardened veterans to grasp. That’s why we show you on your own equipment the dramatic change in your engines performance due to the Hydrogen System and the transformation to the combustion event. We understand that Fleet Managers must see it and experience with their own equipment and own eyes to become a believer and eventually customers.

We prefer to demonstrate on a truck that runs a consistent “Milk Run” and the previous several months of fuel usage is very consistent.  We will then install and commission a hydrogen system on the truck and then monitor the fuel usage for the following several trips.  The results speak for themselves immediately.

If you have a Vision of higher profits and better average fleet fuel economy, we will help you to turn it into reality

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What Types of Engines Does Commercial Hydrogen work on?

If it burns Diesel or CNG, then we work on it….

Although Commercial Hydrogen’s mainstay is Trucking and Transportation, the big engine market and Yellow Iron stands to benefit from the Hydrogen technology breakthrough found in Commercial Hydrogen.  Bottom-line: IF we can get the Hydrogen Catalyst into the Combustion Chambers of Your Engines- THEN, your fleet will be more Profitable and Green.

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Delivery Trucks:

Delivery trucks bringing us our mail, business packages and other important shipments are many times the most scrutinized for pollution. The visibility of these high-profile vehicles and big brand name fleets have social responsibility to do their part to keep pollution to a minimum. Now, with Commercial Hydrogen, big and small fleets can make a difference and a profit at the same time.

Gen Sets & Stationary Big Equipment Utilities-Power Source:

Many people don’t realize how important Gen Sets are to our mining and utility industries. Gen Sets power sand and gravel plants that are responsible for the materials that make our freeways and roads. These engines often times will burn fuel 24/7 with few breaks except for weekly maintenance. These engines oftentimes will consume up to 40 & 50 Gallons per hour of Diesel Fuel 24 hours per day. The cost savings on Fuel alone can add up to millions of dollars in additional profit with one small change; A Commercial Hydrogen installation.


Much like the Delivery Truck Industry, these are high visibility vehicles and susceptible for scrutiny and public complaints. This type of fleet stands to benefit the most from pollution reduction as well as fuel savings. Going Green is a demonstration of leadership in the community and the nation.

SeMI-TRUCKS and highway tractors:

Semi-Trucks are responsible for bringing virtually everything we as Americans consume and wear. Everything from the materials that were used to build the house we are living in, to the car we are driving, was delivered by a truck or train. All of it requires Billions of Dollars in Fuel each year. Our Society is dependent upon the Trucking Industry. Often these engines run 24/7 only stopping for maintenance. Every dime of savings per mile driven counts towards the bottom-line. 20% fuel savings is unprecedented and quite possibly the most impactful way to improve profitability in the shortest period of time.

Mining Equipment:

Much like Trucking and Transportation and Gen Sets the Mining Industry is all about PRODUCTION OUTPUT. These engines too often run 24/7 and fleets are burning millions of gallons per year to keep their production constant.  This equipment ranges from Front End Loaders, Haul Trucks, Water Trucks, D-10s, Backhoes, Excavators, Scrapers and much more- Yellow Iron of ALL Types. Commercial Hydrogen works on all of it.  Our durable and resilient design holds up in even the most abrasive mining conditions.

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